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Discover the Colorless Bellataire Diamonds

Millions of years ago, nature created a tiny number of completely colorless gems. During their turbulent journey from beneath the earth’s surface, these precious gems were subjected to volcanic forces that masked their original colorless beauty.

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Bellataire Diamonds are the finest diamonds in nature, restored to their spectacular beauty through a patented High Pressure/High Temperature Process.

Fancy Color Bellataire Diamonds

For those who will insist upon the truly extraordinary, fancy color diamonds combine the best of all worlds: the brilliance and sparkle unique to diamond and the dazzling vibrancy of an intensely colored gem stone.

Vivid Blues, Pinks, and Yellows are revealed in the Bellataire High Pressure/High Temperature Process. As in all Bellataire Diamonds nothing is added or removed that would compromise their all-natural content.

A Gift from the Earth

Diamonds are primarily crystallized carbon. However, they may contain parts per million of nitrogen or boron, too. Those that contain nitrogen are classified “Type I” and comprise 99% of all the gem diamonds in the world. Those that contain no nitrogen are classified “Type II” and are extremely rare. The few ultra-pure diamonds that contain neither nitrogen nor boron are called “Type IIa”. Only these crystals possess the rare purity that is needed to restore a colorless Bellataire Diamond.

In fancy color diamonds, nature has placed a select distribution of elements other than carbon in the crystal structure. “Type IIb” for example, contains boron, which yields an icy mysterious blue diamond. Other natural colors, such as intense pink, vivid yellow or fancy orange are also sometimes unveiled in the Bellataire Process.

Nature’s Hidden Gem

A pure Type II diamond has an atomic structure that is neatly stacked like a new deck of playing cards. Carried through volcanic pipes from their place of origin to the earth’s surface, some of these diamonds were subjected to an atomic misalignment, caused by extreme heat and pressure. Just as if the deck of cards were jolted into an irregular, jagged pile. The result of this misalignment is an “off color” diamond.

Beauty Unveiled

The Bellataire Process restores these off color Type II diamonds with the same heat and pressure that are present in the center of the earth. The misaligned atomic structure returns to its original, perfectly aligned order and becomes colorless once again.

The Bellataire High Pressure/High Temperature Process

The Ultimate Diamond – Masterfully Sculpted

Bellataire Diamonds are masterfully hand crafted to insure the maximum dispersion of light and ultimate beauty. They are available in all traditional shapes and sizes. For those who demand the best, Bellataire Diamonds will satisfy every expectation.