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Bellataire Diamonds are the finest diamonds in nature, restored to their spectacular beauty through a patented High Pressure/High Temperature Process.

What are Bellataire diamonds?

Bellataire diamonds are extremely rare, ultra-pure, natural diamonds that have been restored to their intrinsic color by a proprietary process developed by General Electric Company (GE) & Lazare Kaplan (LKI). Bellataire-brand diamonds are of exceptional quality, and cut to the most demanding standards in the diamond industry.

Are Bellataire diamonds natural diamonds?

Bellataire diamonds are completely natural diamonds. The color of the diamond is restored to its original intrinsic beauty through a proprietary patented High Temperature High Pressure process. Nothing is added to the natural diamond crystal nor anything removed from it in the process of transforming a rough diamond to a polished gem. Bellataire diamonds are never laser-enhanced, irradiated, fracture-filled, or altered in any way that would compromise their all-natural content.

How are Bellataire diamonds uniquely processed?

Bellataire diamonds are extremely rare Type IIa diamonds that were originally crystallized without color and were destined to become extraordinary gems. During their journey to the surface of the Earth through volcanic pipes, though, these crystals were subjected to intense heat, tremendous pressure, and explosive turbulence. These conditions caused some molecular misalignment in these crystals, resulting in a brownish color and internal stress. The High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process simply provides comparable conditions of heat and pressure, allowing these crystals to spontaneously relieve themselves of their molecular stress and return to their proper alignment and their original colorless state. It is this process of restoration that leads to the description of Bellataire diamonds as “The Diamond Nature Intended”.

What makes Type IIa diamonds special?

Type IIa diamonds are extremely rare in their virtual absence of nitrogen. Only approximately 1% of all diamonds are virtually nitrogen-free and only virtually nitrogen-free diamonds can become Bellataire diamonds. It is noteworthy, though, that nitrogen-free diamonds can generally grow substantially larger than those containing nitrogen. Consequently, despite their tiny numbers in the diamond universe, Type IIa’s comprise a relatively large percentage of the greatest diamonds ever found. The Star of Sierra Leone and the Jonker are among Bellataire’s classy chemical cousins.

Can a Bellataire diamond be distinguished from regular diamonds?

Bellataire diamonds can always be distinguished from other diamonds because they are laser-inscribed on their girdles with our “bellataire” logo and unique number. In addition, a Diamond Grading Report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accompanies every Bellataire diamond larger than 3/4 carats This report includes a clear reference to this identifying laser inscription, as do all invoices and marketing materials. Because Bellataire diamonds are all natural, they cannot be distinguished from other diamonds without the inscription identification or highly sophisticated instruments used from credible gem laboratories.

Is the Bellataire process permanent?

Yes, the process is permanent.

Why should I buy a Bellataire diamond instead of a non-Bellataire diamond?

Diamonds are valued for their beauty and rarity. Bellataire diamonds are as beautiful as the finest diamonds in the world and are more rare than 99 out of 100. As virtually nitrogen-free Type IIa’s, they are also ultra-pure. They contain none of the inclusions or fluorescence that mar the brilliance of the vast majority of gem-quality diamonds. Bellataire diamonds uniquely represent the cutting edge in the application of modern technology to the appreciation of nature. What sets Bellataire diamonds apart from all other diamonds are refined characteristics that might not be important to every consumer. But for those who demand ultimate quality and value proposition, Bellataire is the right diamond.

How much do Bellataire diamonds cost?

Although pricing is at the discretion of independent retail jewelers, Bellataire diamonds are usually sold as a value proposition compared to the cost of non-Bellataire diamonds. Evaluation according to the traditional “4C’s” (carat-weight, color, clarity, and cut) applies to Bellataire diamonds just as they do to all other diamonds. But Bellataire diamonds are also exceptionally rare and extraordinarily pure, providing a value to the customer beyond that of other diamonds.

What sizes and shapes are available in Bellataire diamonds?

Bellataire diamonds are available mostly in sizes from ½ -carat up to over 50 carats. Shapes include the traditional fancies (cushions, pear-shapes, ovals, marquises, emerald-cuts, and heart-shapes), as well as round brilliants.

Where can I buy Bellataire diamonds?

Bellataire diamonds are available only at select number of retail jewelers that have a history of integrity, outstanding customer service, and technical expertise in serving buyers of exceptional gemstones and jewelry. The names of these jewelers can be found by contacting our offices by phone or e-mail through the web site’s “contact us” tab.

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