"Beauty From The Earth"

Bellataire, meaning “beauty from the earth”, our diamonds are naturally mined, rare, affordable, and collection quality and have been restored to their intrinsic color through our proprietary High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) process.


“Bellataire diamonds represent a new level of quality for the sophisticated diamond buyer… Bellataire diamonds are the exceptionally rare and coveted ultra-pure Type IIa diamond that includes a large percentage of the greatest diamonds ever found. For the diamond buyer simply seeking the best, a Type IIa Bellataire diamond is the rarest of gems.’ It’s interesting to note that the story behind Bellataire diamonds is as exciting as the diamonds themselves. Millions of years ago, hundreds of miles beneath the surface of the earth, nature created a tiny number of colorless diamond crystals. Over time and travel through the earth, their beauty was obscured. 


It might have stayed that way, their beauty lost forever to the forces of nature, had General Electric not turned its talents to restoring what the company fondly refers to as ‘the diamond nature intended.’ “

-H. Schupak JCK November 2000