Bellataire Around The Globe

Bellataire and Buggatti Diamond Luxuries

Time passes, legends live. Learn about the momentous union of Bugatti Diamond Luxuries and Bellataire Diamonds that led to the creation of something truly beautiful.

GIA - Process or Treatment?

Our Bellataire diamonds are undoubtedly HPHT processed and NOT treated – but how does GIA list it on our diamond certs?

The HPHT Natural Diamond Opportunity

Our processed natural diamonds should be differentiated from treated stones – our Bellataire stones have nothing added nor taken away.

Whatever Became of Pegasus?

It’s now called Bellataire, and the once-controversial treatment is now the subject of an ambitious advertising campaign.

"Beauty From The Earth"

Our diamonds are natural mined, rare, affordable, and collection quality and have been restored to their intrinsic color through our proprietary High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) process.

The Science Behind the Bellataire Diamond

The Bellataire® Diamond is the beautiful result of the state of the art technology that reveals the intrinsic nature of certain rare, natural diamonds. 

Bellataire Diamonds | Nature's Hidden Gem

All Bellataire Diamonds are masterfully hand crafted to insure the maximum dispersion of light and ultimate beauty. For those who set their standards high, Bellataire is the diamond of choice.