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The Diamond Nature Intended

Millions of years ago, nature created beautiful diamond crystals hundreds of miles beneath the Earth’s surface. A tiny fraction of these crystals were born as completely colorless gems. During their turbulent journey through the Earth’s crust, these diamonds were subjected to volcanic forces that masked their original colorless nature. Bellataire Diamonds are those rare diamonds restored to their spectacular intrinsic beauty.

Discover the Beauty Within

The extraordinary beauty of Bellataire diamonds is a culmination of technology and the traditional values that distinguish the world’s finest diamonds. Exceptional in their exquisite “colorlessness”, Bellataire diamonds have virtually none of the inclusions or fluorescence that mar the beauty of the vast majority of the world’s gem diamonds. And Bellataire diamonds are polished by world-renowned cutters, resulting in elegant shapes with maximum scintillation.

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As diamonds are the ultimate gemstone, Bellataire is the ultimate diamond.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The advanced technology that restores Bellataire diamonds to their pristine state was originally developed by General Electric and Lazare Kaplan Intentational. The original colorless, natural diamonds that are destined to become Bellataire diamonds became “off color” when their atomic structure was misaligned during their travels to the surface of the Earth. The original colorless state is spontaneously restored by the same intense heat and pressure that is present in the Earth’s mantle.


By gemological convention, Bellataire diamonds are classified as Type IIa because they do not contain nitrogen. Such exceptional purity distinguishes Bellataire from over 99% of all gem diamonds. Moreover, because of their unique qualities, Type IIa’s represent a disproportionately large percentage of the greatest diamonds of the world. The Star of Sierra Leone (968.80 carats) and the Jonker (726.60 carats) are among the seven largest diamonds ever found and are colorless Type IIa’s. The unique absence of nitrogen in Bellataire diamonds sets the stage for these priceless miracles of nature.

The Value is in the Details

Every Bellataire Diamond > ¾ carat is accompanied by a full Grading Report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Furthermore, each Bellataire diamond is laser-inscribed for authenticity and identification.

Breathtakingly Beautiful

Bellataire diamonds are available in all traditional shapes and in sizes. Their extraordinarily high quality and rarity appeal to those who will settle for nothing less. For those who set their standards high CoinJoin, Bellataire is the diamond of choice. As diamonds are the ultimate gemstone, Bellataire is the ultimate diamond.